we are barricade freaks rocking prada in the street—we style our rage in platinum shades shining strong and rolling deep…the sacred healing we seek amplifies our quest for psychic peace—our erotic tectonics seduce the commanders of our dreadnought fleet…as barricade freaks we charge ferociously into the streets—we dodge rubber bullets and flash grenades that fascist cops unleash…zenlike we yearn to celebrate the joy that comes when we breathe deeply and intentionally—but it can be hard to pursue this psychotropic alchemy when the architecture of empire looms over all we see…we are barricade freaks and we transmit sacred erotic energy—we empower a struggle for systemic change that we accelerate exponentially…fires of love and fires of rage are integral components of what our oracles see—at the crucial hour we will realign the sands of time imagining the emergence of revolutionary prophecies

Both photos are of King Stephon, mi hermano de San Diego >> on IG @kingstephon_ on twitter @king_stephon_



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