You seduce with your mind

Awakening my desire

Knowledge is your fire

Your spirit rises higher


You were born under Virgo

Child of my rising sign

Your body rules my libido

Our hands intertwine


Tattoos brand your chest

Pregnant with sacred breath

I await what comes next

Conjuring cerebral sex


Some connections are fate

Some are by design

We arise to liberate

Toxic systems are undermined


Your moon in gemini

Dualities reimagined

We move with deep emotion

We unleash tantric passion


I yearn to know your truth

I long to feel your soul

To conjure ecstatic moments

To release the illusion of control


This energy is sapiosexual

Erotically fired cerebral ritual

Our minds forging prophecy

Our psyches carnal and intellectual

Inspired by @myy_guy on IG



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