inspired by leia the vixen we arise—with truth in our pocket and glitter framing our eyes…we rise up to fight unrepentant evil—to do battle with the sith…we are rallying our troops looking for the Jedis in our midst…our powers are faintly formed but are imagined cinematically—we must learn to control our emotions and let psychic power fly free…science fiction is a mirror through which we examine what we are…utopian or dystopian imagination let loose amongst the stars…our brains are evolving–flying in hyperdrive…what we now view as pathology can be transformed into what keeps us alive…sparks of the divine are rising powerfully in these times…we find our inspiration in street art, pop riffs, and hip hop rhymes…the force is strong in our resistance–striking blows in the belly of the beast…we must bring down this rabid empire and bring about true freedom in the middle east…a global intifada must be our aspiration–we fight to create a liberated global nation…we are aspiring jedi and we have mountains of work to do—the rebellion starts within and radiates from me to you…our global tribe must become an army blessed with karmic power and strength—we must conquer this toxic system if it takes our last gasp of breath