Your chest is branded in sinuous ink

Expanding contracting—projecting crimson instinct

We invent new libations to worship and drink

We flood our minds with dopamine every time we blink


Your pulse is erotic fierce and hypnotic

Ensnared by leather you project power tectonic

We conjure a symphony bold and supersonic

Your palpitation and elation are exponential and hyperbolic


Gyration and animation stimulate thirst for emancipation

Crimson instinct manifests as an omen of liberation

We craft new prophecies and new iterations

We sink spiritual roots in an age of devastation


You have become a recurrent muse for the verses I write

Your virile presence resonates inspiring insight

The power of the dance floor reverberates through the night

I imagine you dancing under a staccato array of light


We arm ourselves with love empathy and compassion

We meditate like the Buddha but we fuck like sex vixens

We build power to decimate the chains of this system

Your crimson instinct lends its fire to our new rising religion

Both visuals are images of Yaz >> @boundeagle1 on IG or twitter 

top photo: @original_matt_spike >> bottom photo: @domdirekt for @tenforfifty



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