Your confidence is penetrating

Alluring and devastating

Tension is escalating

Libido is salivating


This is back alley kink

You are armored in leather

Potent tides draw us together

Amplifying an inferno of pleasure


You tantalize my mind

Electricity courses inside

Time is rewired

Distorted by the fire of desire


The scent of sex proliferates

Surging dopamine dominates

Karmic angels liberate

Synapses fire and germinate


Leather fuels attraction

Triggering a chain reaction

Lips vibrate with passion

Craving carnal satisfaction


I feed this fire with my seed

An offering to my shamanic creed

This is a sacrilegious need

A tantric truth long prophecied


Your powers are salacious and pervasive

Your energy intense and persuasive

I worship your embodiment

Seduced by tantric manifestation


Orgasmic forces converge

Infusing sinuous ink

This is licentious fantasy

An explosion of back alley kink

Leather: @armyofmenco >> Photos: @rafandway1 >> Model: @cristo_kink >> all on IG



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