Your face is angelic

Your body a prophecy

I am learning your language

I am designing our destiny


This is sacred alchemy

It is a prophetic emanation

We are vespers of justice

We are an army of liberation


You are a queer vixen

You are a prophet erotic

We find strength deep within

We conjure anthems hypnotic


This is a gospel of lust

A bible of sedition

There is synergy emerging

There is truth in science fiction


Your skin ripples with power

Your eyes burn with fire

I imagine your root chakra

Sacred inferno of tantric desire


Sacred prophecy arises

Amplifying evolution

We trust in the collective

We yearn for revolution


We breathe with intention

Oxygen permeates our cells

We arm ourselves with presence

Crafting psychic shields that repel


I see a vision of epic transcendence

Capturing this moment with imagination

Connecting with the vast karmic universe

Blessing us with karmic revelations


You embody sex presence

You are a fierce prophet erotic

The club grinds with fluorescent power

Manifesting pulsations of energy tectonic

Visuals are by Michael Miguel >> @akamichaelm on twitter >> @akamichaelmiguel on IG



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