You are supple and radiant projecting the power of salvation

Sacred catechism describes your life and your resuscitation

You move with your lover with passion and adoration

I recreate this biblical myth with tantric imagination


Your eyes resonate—pulsating with cosmic electricity

You have been raised from death as a key to karmic destiny

I fantasize about your psyche seeking mystery and synergy

I imagine a fulcrum of orogeny and virile erotic energy


You are a harbinger of joy—a harbinger of evolution

Mitochondrial zygotes conjure revolutionary solutions

We find sacred tantric truth amidst hedonistic confusion

We seek transformative justice not punitive retribution


You are Lazarus reinvented—a cyberwired cypher

I imagine the fire in your eyes—so pregnant with desire

Your reinvention is epic unleashing the power we require

Our multitude of disciples will rise and conspire


Sacred resurrection is a potent act of emancipation

The pulse of tantric pleasure brings joy and elation

We summon cosmic powers to bless our armies of liberation

We draw power from the erotic—an epic adaptation

–images are by @d_antonio on IG



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