THE ONE: a prayer of introspection

we search this earth for love we hope to find–we explore many hearts–we shape many minds…holistically invested in this karmic exploration–i dig deep into my soul for succor and salvation…deep in mediation or aroused by dopamine–my senses crave sensation–my body learns to breathe…instead of seeking my one–i open my heart to the many–erotically charged love–fiercely clad–amped and ready…who knows what star-blessed children my future may hold–who knows who i will meet–who will make my desire grow bold…i yearn with every instant for transcendent symphonies–for prohomo magicians with incantations and ministries…every man who has held my heart retains a key to the door–i never get over love–i only want it more…finding synchronicity in the eye of each beholder–lets my soul deepen its roots as my heart and mind grow older…the one who makes me whole is the one i see at night–the psychic twin i find in the stars and the fires that bring insight…you can aid this angelic presence–you can become his carnal witness–you can join me in meditation and in my search for destiny’s kiss