our vixens and our hustlers conjure epic supernatural sentience

we deduce spiritual principles from the fulcrum of our collective experience

erotic anthems seduce the mind arming us with tantric prescience

erotic armadas patrol the scintillating seas of magical dialectical consciousness


we conspire and inspire to build a global tantric subterranean

we feel our spirits arise powered by the synergy of platinum and vibranium

I notice the power of angels in the voices of vagrants, migrants, and strangers

I notice the kernel of sacred insight at the core of the maelstrom of mania


this is an evolving tantric tradition conjuring full spectrum liberation

we will craft sacred texts born of the wildfire of tribal libations

we bring into being mitochondria of energy pulsating in this sea of creation

the tantric underground unshackles spiritual insight to amplify erotic imagination

visuals by Sol.Dragon and @MiamiLux_



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