there is subterranean strength in your body and volcanic energy in your mind–this is a seismic cosmic moment when everything that happens is a sacred sign…we craft an epitaph for this system etched in rage, blood, and pride–i give in to my higher power and seek a creative serenity deep inside…i have been lost in webs of insanity rationalizing an inferno of addiction–i have broken the shackles of this affliction through surrender and introspection…i crave a sex positive matrix that rises transcendent as our new religion–but i must be watchful, fierce, and vigilant knowing that my condition is only in remission…you are my prince of fire and a living dynamo of tantalizing desire–you help me imagine new wormholes into the galaxies within our minds…we are dancers who vogue and grind building towards a crescendo of diasporic black pride–you are my dynamo, my muse, and my inspiration and you lead my karmic spirit to pinnacles rising exponentially higher

both images are of King Stephon >> on IG: @kingstephon_



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