the winds of change are blowing with force—we face toxic politics in bombastic voice…the tweeter in chief rips apart gains won by our movements—but our insurgency is growing building tunnels linking to us…i see waves of energy in the sky dancing with fractals of electricity—i feel divine spirits channeling through me vibing on their synchronicity…on october 8th of 2017 we shut the HRC down—we stood strong against wells fargo and strove to defend sacred native ground…our growing trans and queer power keeps my mind in sync—tattoo artists brand our tribe with inspiration and with ink…i have a righteous premonition that our movements might just win—a piercing hope that we can avoid the horror of the sewage neo-nazis wallow in…build your tribe and amplify your pride—the struggle for liberation begins deep inside…the power to transcend is the power to mingle with omnipresent spirits—we raise our voice in righteous resistance so the forces of white power can learn to fear us