the only thing in this life that isn’t temporary is mortality—we all live under her shroud both individually and collectively…we are surviving on a planet perilously close to mass extinctions—in the face of utter barbarism we are organizing a fierce resistance…living in the moment is a challenge—finding enlightenment is an art…we can work towards a world where our entire human tribe will play its part…dinosaurs ruled the earth for eons then were destroyed in a cataclysmic instant…we arose from their ashes blessed with the divine powers of a holy infant… muslim or buddhist—jewish or christian—all of our faiths speak to spiritual transcendence and to sacred insight—whether resonating through stars or through prophets our spiritual energy can let revolutionary dreams take flight…mortality is a fact—both a gift and a curse—it can allow us to live and move on—and give way to karmic rebirth…to embrace the circle of life is to hear the voices of our ancestors—we live many times over repeating what they teach us…we reckon with mortality and celebrate our divinity—we are building a new world and compiling the revelations of our anarchist ministries