Undulations of water amplify the power of your mind

Undulations of energy manifest in the power of your grind

You dance to celebrate your essence—the groove to which you unwind

You are a pillar of my creative imagination—a sacred vesper for humankind


The seductive trance in your eyes is supernatural and mirific

You conjure a ferocious sex presence—a fierce lover bold and prolific

I imagine a dance floor held captive by the intensity of your sex magic

I long to meet you brother phoenix—to craft new verses both subtle and orgasmic


The intensity of this historic moment threatens to explode and detonate

We must craft intentional community to realign our spirits and activate

The power of your sinuous dance allows our psyches to levitate

We shed anxiety, passivity, and pretense as our battalions prepare to animate


We magnify the power of your dance to entice, rewire, and inspire

Your body is a temple of pleasure amplifying undulations of desire

We build a psychospiritual underground as a foundation for our revolutionary spires

We summon energy from the depths of the earth to rise like magma fueling our fire


We dance to find joy and pleasure—to seek a sacred taste of emancipation

We rise up to resist oppression—to uproot systems of exploitation and domination

We live in an age of apocalypse: this is an epic struggle for collective liberation

I feel a fierce shamanic presence by my side—it is your psyche’s undulation

Images are by @kingstephon_ on IG



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