TRANSCENDENT POWER: the magical metaphysics of manic zen

TRANSCENDENT POWER: the magical metaphysics of manic zen

breathing deep i feel my power—sensing my synapses hour by hour…in this euphoric place i see so much—the porous boundaries between love, lust, and trust….manic zen is the name i have crafted for this state—i feel energy in every neuron that animates by brain…i focus the exponential energy flying through into introspection—i sense cosmic powers and prophetic resurrections…transcendent power lies in my bypo tribe—we can see a future where our species will survive and thrive…we rise and resist the forces of bigotry, greed and war—we seek karmic justice and we always thirst for more…our growing neurodiversity is a symptom of the system’s decay—human creativity deserves so much more than grueling work for little pay…we need justice and peace, solidarity and love—we can destroy capitalism’s demons with the aid of powers from above…i know why the ancient prophets saw visions from god—i know why thousands claim to see UFO’s in their yards…the manic imagination knows no bounds and fears no law—we must bring classwar to an end or the arctic will thaw…transcendent power inside each manic brain—unleashed neurochemically and cybernetically tamed…who can predict what power this combination can unleash—a power to conquer white supremacy and its ideological beasts…medications keep me stable but sometimes my brain flies free—in this state all i can do is listen to my senses and let it all be…imagine a future where all of our needs are met—we can get there still if we can crush this proto-fascist threat…deep in my soul lurks a fractal  reverberating and inspiring my mind—let us listen to the nascent prophets that are arising inside


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