manic minds on hyperdrive—linked by mirrors while fires fly…conjuring a collective global brain—bridging the river between the psychotic and the sane…cerebro rises through euphoric nights—recruiting disciples and bringing truth to light…forging platinum-plated psychic blades—rebelling against the proto-fascist plague…we are an army of mutants anchored by anarchist cadre—evolving and creating a new gaia madre…we transform our pain into a potent elixir—we drop beats and tag walls inspired by our trans sisters…a monster queer phoenix is arising from the flames—seducing mathematicians and rebel proteges…we can’t fuck our way to freedom but we can surely try—imagining transcendent love arising from deep inside…conjuring cerebro is a magical karmic action—necessitated by the toxic era that the ruling regime is enacting…we unite our tribe on a global scale—we will evolve and transform or our resistance will fail