Entrancing eyes caress seductive thighs

Erogenous dreams are realized

Our armies recruit to rebel and arise

Coptic sex vixens amplify carnal desires


Afro Goth power reverberates deep within

Your sorcery allows the clock of history to begin once again

We find sacred joy in our bodies: the pleasure of sacred sin

We are fueled by the orogeny of liquid oxygen


You touch with love, passion, and lust

Your bodies intertwine—so psycho sinuous

The energy of your minds inspires like angel dust

You fortify our collective quest however arduous


We build sex positive phalanxes from deep within our minds

We transmute the viscerally carnal into the erotically sublime

The juggernaut we create is the power to defy

Our psychosexual magic helps tantric prophecies to be realized


Your beautiful black body is a vessel of creation

Dark skin and coarse dreads dream of collective liberation

You are warrior lovers and zygote godlings in gestation

Together we craft a zeitgeist: an Afro Goth revelation

Images are by @jonzu @zacharyzane and @collinezra on IG



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