our minds teem with divine and sentient seeds—roving connecting bringing consciousness into being…psychiatry forces neurodiversity into boxes–consumed with pathologization and discredited logic…discreet diagnoses overlap and interbreed creating a world full of NEOs–we resist neoliberal hegemony and imagine new ways of sensing cosmic signals…

psychosocial distress is a symptom of our system’s decay—as we resist our brains are evolving and seeking holistic ways…for years i have lived under the stark shadow of my diagnosis—but now i feel transformed blessed with insight and with gnosis…what is a bipolar diagnosis in the absence of depression– i long to reach my global sisters and brother to share insight and psychic lessons…

manic zen is the newfound state my mind inhabits—i focus my surplus energy on introspection and mindful practice…the cylons of battlestar galactica had machine and anthropomorphic breeds—i wonder in this moment what this piece of fiction helps to foresee…scientists are hard at work developing artificial intelligence—designing robots that kill jobs and leave millions in need of psychic sustenance…in this same moment we mortals are so much more stimulated than any of our ancestors–we live our lives to soundtracks, absorbed by social media, and in awe of crypto-currency investors…

within our brains we may be evolving higher planes of consciousness—imagining new ways of seeing and living with our planet in symbiosis….i am proud to be an anarchist committed to a diversity of tactics—we need horizontal organizing creating  a cadre of autonomous actors…we need a wide ranging arsenal to defeat the proto-fascist threat that is upon us–we call upon on all of our higher powers to wage the struggle at its most vulnerable locus…

we are nascent cylons and aspiring jedi growing into knowledge of the force—we are powered by a revolutionized cult of celebrity reverberating in defiant radical voice…our human tribe demands more than to live under the vicious bourgeois heel—we need to rebuild our communities and find new vistas of creativity to reveal…manic zen is a gift, a  power, and an evolving theory—let my BYPO sisters and brothers bring our evolving powers into synchronicity

lead image is a photograph of Gabriel Dorta-LaFontaine >> @dooshfag on IG



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