hexagons and lexicons—digging deep and dropping bombs…striving for freedom singing songs—crafting a future that is just beyond…orchestrate and stimulate—try to never prevaricate…build a bridge from satan’s gate—copulate and demonstrate…species rise and evolve or die—empires fall when the enslaved arise…corporate power quakes inside—when we build power and organize…branded backs and sculpted arms–signifiers of a creative dawn…decagons and leprechauns—fueling rage and living long…flying high reclaiming the sky–feeding our fire with jedi pride…abolishing the toxicity lodged inside–reclaiming the streets and owning the night…divergent faiths converge and fuse–ancient prophets are reborn and renewed…system change is so long overdue–we recruit armies of rebels and rockstar troops…imagining the prophecy of john lennon–keeping our world from the brink of armageddon…fiercely defending the gains we’ve won—conjuring flames and prayers to bring down babylon