Balanced on a desiccated fallen tree

Crouching to explore

Conjuring karmic magic

Inspiring desire

Inspiring carnal fire


You are a tantric dragon

Your powers are potent and spiritual

You live in defiance of systemic chains


Exploring the erotic

Exploring the symbolic

Crouching to see fractals in gestation


I write by a river of light

Colors manifesting as sinuous abstractions

Water channeling the spirit of our humanity

Water sustaining the arteries of life

Water manifesting ephemeral but visceral fractals


I imagine your mind communing with the ocean

I imagine your body in motion

Vibrantly alive

Immersed in this sea of creation


I learn from you

Your spirit inspires

You open the floodgates of consciousness


You are a dragon of the hypnotic

A fractal of a future symbiotic

A crouching dragon of the orgasmic and erotic


Image is by @dooshfag on IG



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