The river black and matte like rubber urges me to think of the past

Oceans of crime and centuries of grime dismembered by our magic at last


Nations of Black bodies ensnared by other Africans

Sold as chattel to avaricious conquistadors and mercantilists

The river bleeds red in memory of this holocaust


This predation of Black skin was a central pillar

Laying the foundation for the rise of capitalism as a global system


This history continues reenacted religiously

Embedded in the sinuous fabric of our polarized and crisis ridden society


This is an age that threatens apocalypse

Riddled with mass incarceration and cybernetic exploitation

Each of these are components of this architecture

Landmarks on a map of injustice


The sun rises over the river and suddenly the water is studded with color


In this moment I see transcendent visions of  karmic magic

Witchcraft conducting indigenous African wisdom to our hemisphere


The magic of magi circulates

Permeating our bloodstream

Empowering insight


We open our sacred eye and spread our butterfly wings

Hastening this firestorm of liberation


Sacred witchcraft amplifies our power to heal

To celebrate our joy and amplify pleasure


The river mirrors a kinetic light show

Reverberating on its surface

And coursing sinuous paths to the water’s depths


We dance with the light and with the stars

Breathing life into collective empowerment

Living in the moment armed with potent sacred witchcraft

images are by Naiima Lovechild: @NaiimaLove on twitter



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