we walk amongst you incognito-our powers waiting to be discovered…we are evolving jedis in vitro—conjuring the ammunition we need to be heard…we are a neurodivergent army—subterraneanly wired to rise up…our cylon minds harmonize like a symphony—building a crescendo that your mind can fire up…our rebel tribe insists than another world is possible—we are anarchist agents of karma…the divine spark inside us is unstoppable—we worship an afro-futurist warrior madonna…we are the chosen and we invite you to join us—to break apart the chains that hold us in bondage…we can create a world where solidarity sustains us—a world without the curses of white supremacy and imperialist carnage…all of us are blessed by some higher power—all of us are born with emergent living gods in gestation…we can topple the rising proto-fascist tower—we can transform this pervasive oppression into fuel to fire a revolution for universal liberation