RECEPTIVE DISCIPLES: reflections on a second journey through the georgetown psych ward

hospitalized for the umpteenth time–i medicate my mind while i relax and unwind…confined in these walls–in the georgetown psych ward…visited by karmic angels i have loved and adored…fire is a force: a living act of entropy–fueled by wax and oxygen–or by proto-manic gasoline…within these walls so much healing takes place…psychic visions cohere–psychic trauma is erased…

emotional war is a god–voraciously feeding on our souls…its a never ending story–an epic poem of ancient peoples that steadily deepens and never grows old…interstellar battles between genius and madness–between the sane and the psychotic…emotional bullets pierce our auras with steel–my meditation grows fierce and hypnotic…

light and dark–decoded or secret…the power of gnosis grows ever deeper…love and rage–hope and pain…sacred truth is my mistress and i am her seeker…the psychic alchemy we practice is the foundation of a nascent liberatory matrix…the neurochemistry we conjure forges the dna of a borderless bypo nation…easing anxiety and depression while piercing the blinding fog of self deception…we are an ad-hoc family united by common demons…we have each other’s backs–we heal our pain while our minds are dreaming…

these places of healing could be so much more if psychospiritual struggles were not stigmatized…we are anarchist ninja waging a karmic war–seeking to tame the dragons writhing deep inside…we are a newborn tribe forged instantaneously–a miraculous birth of intentional community…we speak the truth and buff the lies–allowing our inner phoenix to fly free…i am newly receptive to communal engagement–newly receptive to the angel of sleep…

we are disciples of a neo-gramscian revelation–forging a praxis that rises high but is rooted deep…disciples of karma are forged in the georgetown psych ward–disciples of friendship and sharing: enemies of guilt and shame…we imagine the architectural skeleton of a collectivist society–finely crafted on the anvil of intense emotional pain…liberation comes to those who struggle–joy comes to those who cry…receptive disciples build a matrix of love that can sustain our souls from the day we are reborn to the day we finally die

second image is of Gabriel Dorta-LaFontaine >> @dooshfag on IG



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