I look at you and my heart surges

Emerald erotic conjuring tantric imagination


Your are telepathic and pornographic

Ecstatic and viscerally emphatic


I write by the river

Light interweaving with shadow

Creating fractals of digitized waves

Chemistry reverberating across the water


Water channels erotic synergy

Generating sensuous palpitations


You are a gender hybrid

Elemental tattoos teeming with virility

Clad in couture lingerie

Teeming with vulnerability


Feminine energy reflecting its dialectical antipode


I write of you and for you

I am seduced by your unhinged sexuality


We are tantric siblings

Rewriting codified rules of sex and gender


We practice the art of sex magic

Exploring the spiritual power of erotic touch


We join the tantric underground

This revolutionary upheaval in gestation

Revolting against heterosexual dictatorship

Embracing trans identity and trans liberation


I look at you and I ache with desire

Your tattoos rewire and inspire

Inviting rebel godlings to convene and conspire


This is the emphatic power of tantric imagination

It is a seismic force for collective liberation

It is sacred spiritual emancipation

An explosive profusion of erotic revelation

Inspired by @fkfbrln on IG or @inkedblrn on twitter & @JuanOyervides for @ProteoMX on IG



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