Connecting with you is like fire


Powerful and moving

Pulsating with platonic attraction

Remembering what it feels like for a boy


We live as men

Disconnected from our feelings


Enslaved by subterranean emotions


We cover our fear with anger

We ignore deeply rooted shame

Hiding our insecurities behind performative facades


Repressing our desire for transcendent love

Repressing our need for sacred intimacy

Locked in rage and possession

Controlled by the primacy of domination


Together we remember shared aspirations

Envisioning reinvented masculinity

Embodying radical honesty and consideration

Rooted in transcendent love

Rooted in vulnerable emotional honesty


We share this pain

We see the emotional carnage

The deep social wound

This curse of toxic masculinity


I write by this fire

Feeling the heat of hope

Wanting to co-create

Transcribing this truth


Yearning for transformation

Imagining liberation

Envisioning collective salvation


I feel this bond

Fused to blood magic

Crafting brotherhood


I praise the profound

Feeling the depth of our collective pain

Creating scar tissue

Healing this chasm in our humanity


Amplifying vulnerability

Accessing creativity

Reconstructing sacred archetypes

A pantheon of loving masculinity


Becoming lover, brother, father, and prophet

Conjuring both yin and yang

Conjuring the essence of awareness

Fusing a tantric dialectic

Transcending binary dualities of gender


We embody emotional honesty

We become guardians of the collective

Nurturing the earth

Learning to name our feelings

Pausing before we create stories to explain emotions

Embodying shared trust and elemental solidarity


We embody transformational masculinity

Conjuring connection and interdependence

Reclaiming our humanity

Our sacred destiny

Awakening liberation

Nurturing the emergence of vulnerable masculinity

Visual inspiration by @sateando on IG or twitter



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