subaltern powers writhe, grow, and rise–posing an alternative to this system from inside…examining anti-capitalist theory through transformative newborn eyes–resisting the fascist threat cloaked in patriotic disguise…we don’t walk we strut–we don’t make love we fuck…we strike a pose and run amok–bashing bigots into dust…we are a rising crime family crafted in the digital age–arming ourselves with spiritual weapons to resist this proto-fascist plague…we rule the streets day and night: our energy never fades–we demand the karmic justice that for so many centuries has been delayed…our red mafia aims its arsenal at the crime family in power–bigots and profiteers waging war on what is right and what is ours…we reject the logic of acquiescence every minute of every hour–our insurgency transforms like a butterfly metamorphing like a cosmic flower…this system preserves itself through perverse and dehumanizing logic–native genocide and white supremacy were crafted at its founding…the janus-faced beast of patriarchy holds trans women in bondage–don’t wallow in your privilege: become my latest accomplice…our crime family rises up styled fly and looking fierce–red mafia rising: armed with venom and fang-like teeth…our project is to slay the global capitalist beast–our subaltern insurrection grows from roots deep beneath



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