luminous rays interact reverberating near and far–our spirits evolve and change rising higher towards the stars…this is an epoch of historic struggle where every phalanx plays its part–your beauty seduces my eye by night opening a vector to my heart…this is full spectrum sensuality yearning for full spectrum system change–this is full spectrum evolution branding cosmic fractals into my brain…we worship the moon and the sun and the life-giving rain–we will build this revolution or our inner gods will have risen in vain…

believe in me as i believe in you–uproot the lies and seek your karmic truth…rock the house in armor-plated combat boots–recruit an armada of monster queer combat troops…what about us she said just remind me to forget–kygo amps the treble while house beats throb and wake the dead…we are here we are strong and there is magic in our heads–we build decentralized anti-capitalist power aiming to bring this system to an end…

my eyes see the variability of time in the liminal spaces between sexual fantasies–my pornographic imagination controls the rhythms of collective ecstasy…hieroglyphs manifest in the night sky when my spirit writhes and breathes–we are fighting for a sane world that will prioritize our collective needs…this is an age of peril ruled by dark dystopian thought–its time to propagate ancient prophecies that our rulers wish we had forgot…we revive the legacy of ancient struggles: the terrain on which our ancestors fought–we deploy a creative praxis building on the matrix gramsci taught…

movement pixies inspire latent attraction: so captivating and so pure–sex fueled fantasies consume my psyche sweeping me up in pixie allure…i live for human connection and always yearn and burn for more–our insurgency internalizes new lessons recruiting disciples at destiny’s door…we rock gucci, boss, and prada styling up our armada–we scope streets and bomb walls following up on what banksy started…we channel rihanna and worship madonna diva vixens to rival monster gaga–demanding liberation in full spectrum intensity we craft the outlines of an earthly nirvana…

we are the descendants of kings and queens disguised in plebeian garb–we are armed with the power of wakanda burned into the contours of our hearts…don’t give up your daydream or your quest to commune with the stars–love and lust fuel our rebellion drawing on the legacies of emma and marx…full spectrum liberation is the lodestone our insurrection demands–full spectrum human sexuality flows through my blood and flows from my hands…we make love with cosmic intensity craving the power to understand–our full spectrum resistance crafts seductive outlines of the world that justice and karma demand

the first image is a photo by @bypo.phoenix on IG >> the second image is of @kingstephon_ on IG



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