This is an homage to an angel

In devilish disguise

Tattoos brand your body

Incarnations of your mind


You are electric but humble

Enticing but kind

I imagine tantric power

Surging deep inside


Your beauty is raw

Inspiring these rhymes

Epic sex presence

Transmogrifies time


I feel a taste of liberation

An explosion of carnal fire

You command the erotic

You writhe with desire


Hyperpop viper porn

Captivating my eyes

Pulsating visceral creation

A monster queer phoenix in flight


I write this poem by my river

Hoping you see truth in what I write

I conjure sacrilegious prophecy

We rule the streets and the night


You embody sacred power

Raw spirit burns and thrives

I treasure our nascent connection

The raw erotic comes alive

Inspired by @pigboyrubenXX on IG, @PIGBOYRUBEN on twitter



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