COSMIC CONFLAGRATION: an antidote to emotional nausea

a week of pain: a week of blame–emotional nausea holds my spirit in chains…looking deep inside examining my ways–aspiring to give back more than i take…seeds of fire rising higher–consummating revolutionary desire…born to dance and to inspire–praying for liberation from this psychic quagmire…restrictions of cognition breed dysfunction and addiction…breaking patterns and healing trauma build new boundaries for introspection…trust and love are fragile angels–they feel like they are forever until the landscape changes…exculpatory facts are buried in my basement–awaiting a transcendent act of forgiveness and creation…intricate fires illuminate our sculptures–crafting new visions and dethroning old masters…i am questioning my desires and praying for new answers–i stoke the fires of rebellion so our evolution will move faster…this rebel dance is cathartic: pregnant with emotional release–i may never find restorative justice but perhaps i’ll find a bit of peace…i meditate to ward off toxic emotional demons whose minions never sleep–i pray for a hard house beat with treble flying and bass driving deep…i am not a saint or an angel—i am a nascent god in gestation…i call on my people to get in formation cuz its time for our divine insurgency to transform this nation…we burn fires of love and fires of rage–reincarnating ancient prophets and examining karmic ways…we transform our inner worlds as we aspire to systemic change–i build a cosmic conflagration to heal deeply rooted emotional pain



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