you penetrate my heart–you penetrate my mind…you amplify my spirit leaving angels to frolic deep inside…the rhythms of my psyche are modulated by your eyes…we build rebellions to transform our world into a better child of our hybrid minds…sex can transport us to sacred places and transformational spaces…it can be a glue that binds exponentially surging energy to deeply rooted bases…it can be the seductive snare that pulls me into dangerous embraces–or it can be the sacred light reverberating among a confluence of karmic angels…i have never before experienced penetration so sacred–i have seen divine signal fires in the depths of my basement…your body brings me joy and erotic exaltation–your mind is so intense and potent and i await our next cosmic revelation

lead image is a piece by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> @slavamogutin

second image is of Diego Barros: @diegobarros


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