I come to my rivers

I come to write

To capture these moments

Transcribing this night


An hour ago I held you close

Finding an orgasmic kiss

A taste of carnal fire

A taste of sacred bliss


Fields of orgasmic energy coalesce

Strictures that chain us are transgressed

We share the subtle humor of sex

Our spirit bodies pulse and flex


I am learning to trust my instincts

To trust the sinews of my mind

Feeling big energy intertwined

Capturing the shamanic divine


Our whole bodies are sexually vital

Each of our cells is erotically wired

A fierce orgasm of the cock

Becomes exponential in the mind


This water reverberates with blue light

This fluid torus of energy crescendoes

Moving like torrid electricity

Moving serpentine like viscous libido


Your tantric power is supersonic

You embody the sacred erotic

Our spirits are deeply symbiotic

Gestating a reborn world embryonic


Your energy feeds me

Your soul coats my lips

This is a taste of liberation

An infusion of orgasmic bliss

Leather: @armyofmenco, Photos: @rafanday1, Model: @_SadiqSadiq, all on IG



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