Supple and sultry you invite desire

My mind goes wild with what you inspire

We choose what we do when we feel this fire

I imagine alchemy when I penetrate your eyes


This is tantric zen—It is cosmic sex

I imagine your touch, your gaze, and your breath

We evolve to survive this age of apocalypse

Your fierce sex presence empowers and protects


These poems are animated by fantasies

Imagination conjures epic erotic chemistry

This manifesto is both prophecy and heresy

A lurid dialectic dethroning the powers that be


Your body invites me to tantalize

To free my mind and go deep inside

You are a sexy beast wired with brazen pride

You are a seismic force of tantric fire


This is a journey of sacred revelation

We taste the ecstatic—we taste liberation

A transformed world writhes in gestation

Sex magic is fuel for social emancipation


–Inspired by @OmarAguilera on IG



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