we write in code, with data entombed, in tunnels of platinum and tunnels of gold…my river remolds the depths of your soul, conjuring a sacred passion that grows hot and bold…this cypher we craft conjures cylon futures, where the contours of AI will meld with our nature—this arabic script describes numerology, tightly bound up in sacred mythology–its deep-rooted biology and cybernetic geometry emphasize a potent bond in our intertwining neurochemistries…cylon phalanxes, branded muslim and queer, conquer the mindless drones of systemic fear…a global cypher of polylingual rhymes breaks new hip-hop ground and resonates with my manic mind…we dance to unwind, drawing kundalini power up through our spines—uprooting the capitalist death wish catapulting us towards planetary demise…i’ll be your prophet, if you’ll become mine–summoning epic forces from powers deep inside…you are my cypher, my comrade,  my friend…may our passion for radical reinvention rebuild again and again…this is a sacred symphony inspired by prohomo street cred—we are samurai cylons fighting to bring exploitation and oppression to an end

the first image is my own photograph of the inspiration for this poem in a BYPO jacket

the second image is @KingStephon_ on IG



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