You take the stage with fire and technicolor flair

Your body conducts tantric energy leaving the boys to stop and stare

We sync up our psychic powers inspiring our neurons to become self-aware

I imagine a hard house dance floor where you stomp and grind through neon glare


You conjure visions of possibility churning and writhing deep inside

You project a fierce orgasmic fluorescence through the vessel of your mind

Your half shirt is seductive and tantalizing—celebrating erotic pride

Your body is sinuous with power—projecting sex presence amplified


The pallet of color you deploy is an expression of potent imagination

This is the singularity of the moment—a work of evolution and creation

We conspire to craft a global future of comprehensive collective liberation

We unleash the power of collaboration—ripening the nectar of emancipation


You are an angel of beauty possessed by a vicious spiritual fire

You have become my platonic karmic crush—a talisman of revolutionary desire

I meditate on this moment building a transcendent metaphysical pyre

I craft these verses to honor your presence elevating this synergy ever higher


You are a captivating zephyr of freedom—a brilliant work of abstract art

You inspire me to create—to summon words from the depths of my heart

The chains of exploitation and oppression are powers we rise to subvert

You are a monster queer rebel—a magnetic and electric angel in a half shirt


Visuals are by Michael Miguel >> @akamichaelm on twitter >> @akamichaelmiguel on IG



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