my god is in the noticing–noticing the moment between when i start to breathe and when i feel the first rush of air into my lungs…noticing the energy and magic that surrounds us–evident in birds that flock and fungi who thrive on the toxins leached by other forms of life…noticing the beauty of an incisive glance and of the alluring throb of the dance floor…all of these forces suggest the omnipresence and wisdom of my higher power…

i try to let every moment in time expand–seeking a fleeting faith in the immortality of the present…drawing strength from the fact that when rooted in the now, there is absolutely nothing that we cannot imagine…i seek the serenity of trees ebbing and flowing with currents of air…i seek the humility of a supplicant whose goal is to serve the collective–and i strive to tame the foolish and naive grandiosity of ego…i steadily cultivate gratitude–both for life’s blessings and for her challenges…for it is adversity that so often stimulates us into growth…

i notice the sacred eye of insight as its potency recurs in my visions–an eye of prescience, wisdom, and foresight outlining the boundaries of a future blessed with abundance…i notice a rush of dopamine to my frontal lobe and i notice that my bare feet feel rooted in the earth…my god is in the noticing–and it is in these moments that i find my most transcendent joy

Both images are of King Stephon >> on IG: @kingstephon_

–BYPO PHOENIX c)2020  >>


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