limbs extend, attenuate, and bend–the scars of guilt and shame are healed yet again…we celebrate life and the powers arising from deep within–we are a sex positive armada and our epic style is heaven sent…this is an alien ballet pregnant with cosmic insight–our bodies contort in alignment with our higher power’s karmic mind…we strive for collective accountability as we build the world we desire–we reckon with sins of the past by transforming toxic patterns buried deep inside…deep plies and erotic power inspire my heart to remold–the energy of the dance grows in intensity, becoming more potent and more bold…we are imagining a liberated future in alignment with the synergy of our transcendent souls–inspired by this alien ballet we rise as one to conquer our foes

the first image is by Slava Mogutin >> on IG: @slavamogutin >> the second is photo of Conor McKenzie



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