luscious and radiantly non-binary–you emanate potent spiritual forces from your divine apothecary…you writhe and transform our world with your gender-expansive spirit…elevating our anthem of revolution so that spirits above and below can hear it…androgyne angels fly amongst us–unleashing the forces that, in a coming explosive instant, will ignite a detonation of the choke hold of patriarchy…we are powerful and we are both new and old…our interwoven tapestry of agency and destiny is beginning to unfold…we are inspired by the multitude of indigenous traditions that have held space for those who fall between the binary poles of gender…we are refueled and renewed by the 2020 uprising against white supremacy, transmisogyny, and the ever-tightening noose of fascism… our androgyne army arises proud, strong, and fly–bejeweled in studded leather jackets and in the fiercest of shades…we will slay the beast of patriarchy following the lead of trans women of color–we will learn to uplift, to hold, and to love one another…androgyne angels–androgyne army…you feed a flame of rebellion that intensifies deep inside me

the first image is of my spirit sister Sol Esperanza Roja >> the second image is a photo by Slava Mogutin >> @slavamogutin on IG and twitter



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