her voice soars, amplifying the resonance of visceral blood memories–echoes of primordial pleasure emerging to coat our writhing bodies in glistening sweat–echoes of days gone by when a woman pleasuring herself in a shower would have felt dirty and unclean…she is a sun dragon–a divine spirit channeling the reverberations of celestial energy into our dimension…her fire burns within and without–reverberating through the spirits of the immense multitude taking the streets and holding space for black lives…she is gender expansive–she is a tantric sex worker–and she is the most visceral and visionary of revolutionaries…blood memories dance between the expansive chamber of her heart and lungs–giving a seductive taste of worlds just beginning to be begun…this sun dragon’s blood memories confirm my faith in higher powers of our collective construction…i feel, i have faith, and i believe¬†¬†

both images are of Sol Esperanza Roja >> on IG @sol.dragon



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