My god is awareness

My god is in the noticing

My goddess is evolving

Awakening and focusing


I probe the depths of this mirror

I explore my left eye

It is the portal to my soul

The sacred gateway of desire


This torus of light solidifies

I hold it as I move

My left eye becomes a prism

Seeing a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues


I nurture awareness of the erotic

Awareness of emotional energy

This power is hypnotic

Suffusing the air I breathe


I seek the bliss in each moment

The subtle coursing of consciousness

This bliss of noticing

Awareness of all of this


Godpower transforms desire

Enjoying the longing and the fire

This is karmic liberation

A psychotropic amplifier


I feel my pulse quickening

This bliss is a divine offering

I draw power from my suffering

Crafting this tantric awakening


Image by @sateando



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