Explosive emotions

Burning inside

Luscious narrative

Before my eyes


A film about cannibals

An epic apocryphal

Erotic power elemental

Connecting with fire in us all


Blood is your water

You thirst to go further

Manifesting forever

Writhing together


You are a vesper of transformation

Emerging from an inferno of devastation

Transcending gender in its iterations

Unleashing emotional identification


I believe in your presence

I resonate with your essence

This is sacred transcendence

Building a faith of resistance


Metaphors within interbreed

Conjuring a prophetic creed

Blood drooling from your teeth

Imagining new karmic synergy


This film is fierce and spiritual

Humanizing the unnatural

I am sacrilegiously enthralled

I see your beauty—I fear your fall


My blood fills your veins

Orgasmic fire keeps me sane

Enraptured by pain

Tantric flow in my brain


This story is fueled by revelation

Immaculate beauty in lurid gestation

Yearning for collective liberation

Manifesting hope for transgressive salvation

Images via @tchalamet on IG, the inspiration for this poem is the film Bones and All. 



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