Explosive emotions

Burning inside

Luscious narrative

Before my eyes


A film about cannibals

An epic apocryphal

Erotic power elemental

Connecting with fire in us all


You are a vesper of transformation

Emerging from an inferno of devastation

Transcending gender in its iterations

Unleashing emotional identification


I believe in your presence

I resonate with your essence

This is sacred transcendence

Building a faith of resistance


Metaphors within interbreed

Conjuring a prophetic creed

Blood drooling from your teeth

Imagining new karmic synergy


This film is fierce and spiritual

Humanizing the unnatural

I am sacrilegiously enthralled

I see your beauty—I fear your fall


This story is fueled by revelation

Immaculate beauty in lurid gestation

Yearning for collective liberation

Manifesting hope for transgressive salvation

Images via @tchalamet on IG, the inspiration for this poem is the film Bones and All. 



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