Magnetic eyes electrified

Conjure sacred carnal fire

Imagining a matrix of desire

Pandora’s box is opened wide


Water suffuses your seductive face

You channel its power—you channel its grace

A kinetic charge writhes and oscillates

Aquatic depth: a vessel of fate


This is a dopamine clinic—it is seismic sex

Our bodies intertwine crafting a potent hex

We dream of a future—a world to come next

We throw down at the club—we grind and flex


The synergy of the erotic dominates

Vespers of liberation conquer hate

Our anthems of emancipation detonate

Resurgent prophetic truth resonates


Your seismic sex pulsates with energy

You seduce with an inferno of cosmic chemistry

This is sensual magic—it is postmodern alchemy

We will bring into being that which we believe


Visuals are by @OmarAguilera on IG



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