your eyes entrance, ensnare, and inspire, conjuring waves of ecstatic passion that rise up ever higher…your body is a talisman, a sacred interstellar vessel, and an erotic fire–your images sync with my lyrics allowing our reality to amp up and rewire…sex is so potent, so visceral, and so elemental–you transfix the club floor transforming the disco into a temple…this is a new harbinger of hedonism and a pornographic fractal–our sex cult has found its god emperor and the spice of dune animates all of our cerebral channels…we have never met in person but we have evolved a creative chemistry that feels like magic–we have such precious little time to save our species from the catastrophically tragic…we need our sex gods and goddesses to arm our rebel battalions for guerrilla attacks–my god emperor of sex you empower me to feel proud to be queer, cybernetic, and black

the first image is of King Stephon >> on IG: @kingstephon_

the second artist can also be found on IG >>



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