heart-felt passion and heart-felt pain intertwine and recombine inside this dancer’s brain…inspired by love inflected by rage–we rise to shatter titanic systemic psychic chains…this is a neon hybrid: a supersonic dance floor—bridging the chasms between contending sectors of our universe…we sings songs of compassion and songs of collective pride—we attune our sensory arsenal to the revolutionary power surging deep inside…this is a neon hybrid  inspired by fierce hyperbolic energy—we cultivate the love deep within to nurture a powerful new way of seeing…this neon magic is transfixing in its majesty—inspiring new ways to dance, to love, and to breathe

–VISUALS are by KING STEPHON c)2020 @kingstephon_ on IG

–POEM is co-created by BYPO PHOENIX and KING STEPHON c)2020

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