MARQUIS DU MAQUIS: a seductrix anthem

You exude carnal fire as a lord of desire

We conspire and rewire to take this energy ever higher

I will give you my zen–I will give what you require

We craft a rising erotic order whose power will never expire


The maquis were French rebels against Nazi occupation

The marquis was a high noble of feudal assignation

You are an evolving hybrid of both—an angel of liberation

From the waters of time we summon collective emancipation


Ripples and waves interact and interbreed

Your seductive power is a conduit for cosmic prophecy

We awaken our karmic chemistry with tantric alchemy

We create the outlines of the world we need and foresee


You are a seductrix of the night—a visceral manifestation

Your spirit body realigns in sacred ecstatic exaltation

Marquis du Maquis—you are a revolutionary revelation

I reimagine my mind through the lens of your divination


The beauty of your energy forces time to bend

This is a transformational metaphor of cosmic descent

The power to ground our spirits is the power to transcend

We must hone our psychic powers to bring this system to an end

–Images by Michael Miguel >> @akamichaelmiguel on IG >> @akamichaelm on twitter



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