your eyes make me smile and your hips make me wild—this hard house pulsation leaves me hot, hung, and wired…erotic reverberations stomp, grind, and fly—you are showing me your divine spark, your chakras, and your third eye…

i seek the guidance of my higher power and shed the illusion of control—when i look deeply into your eyes i explore the profound rivers of your soul…my manic imagination pulls me into this sea of attraction where eros grows bold—we dance like rockstars and popstars armed with sacred chains of titanium and gold…

this is a supersonic hyperballad producing a deep rooted spiritual reaction—we reanimate the fabric of our lives like lady gaga transforms fashion…the symbiosis of sacred and profane releases deep wells of passion—i’ll be your prophet if you’ll become mine while we explore this extravagant attraction

I found these images through creative commons.  If you can help me find either artist, please let me know so I can give credit, or remove the images if that is their desire.



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