PLANETARY ASCENSION: a viral manifesto

this is not a drill—COVID circumnavigates our globe in tandem with the relative scale of contemporary social dysfunction…this is a moment for what is to be done—a moment for protection from this infection: for connection and introspection…this is a moment that calls for all of us to breathe—and look out for each other—and again, not forget to breathe…we can imagine transformed futures if we deepen our roots in this moment—if we rally our troops and shape mud with our boots in this moment…its time to bring our stars into alignment—time to bring our values and our choices into alignment…cuz this is NOT a drill—the lives of tens of millions of our most vulnerable are on the line…we are fractals in formation…let us be catalysts for a moment of planetary ascension—let us celebrate our interdependence and rise as a cohesive body politic shorn of exploitation, oppression, and the tyranny of profit


this poem draws inspiration from the mistress of energy known as LOLOLI

photo by CONRADO MULUC >> @conradomuluc



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