I seek a body of water as I reach for inspiration

I find the magic of clouds on the brink of precipitation

Sex magic fuses psyches in sensuous adoration

As rain falls our bodies move craving sexual liberation


This is rude and crude—carnal and lewd

We twist in our harnesses of pleasure in search of a groove

This steeled dungeon master commands every corner of the room

He seduces new psychic lovers when energy aligns with what he exudes


This erotic festival of sensation is an immaculate insurrection

Our somatic connection fuels this karmic inception

The rhythms of our sacred fires modulate this resurrection

We unleash kundalini synergy in search of tantric perfection


You are strapped in sinuous leather that churns and animates

Your mind is aquiline—like an eagle you control your fate

Your body recruits an army of disciples yearning to transform and liberate

This is a hypodermic revolution building the subliminal power to overthrow the state


This is a divinely guided act of emphatic prophetic creation

We emit shockwaves of sacred power to permeate the nation

Your sex presence claims its throne guiding our new-rising civilization

I will obey your god head’s commands with joy and exhilaration


Images courtesy of Army of Men >> @armyofmenco on IG >> model: @boundeagle1 on IG >> photo: @rafandway1 on IG



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