Waves of sex presence conjure a potent erotic solution

You emerge from this sea of sentience yearning for revolution

We resist the gravity of passivity—the mirage of this system’s illusions

The kinetic storm connecting sea and clouds eradicates confusion


You transform and rewire the matrix of desire

The surface tension of the water is a mirror for solar fire

The waves lend you power like a liege to their sire

You flex and you dance to the grind of this karmic choir


You animate and detonate seeking tectonic connection

We craft new religions and new angelic resurrections

From within the vast aquatic depths spirit magic offers protection

We build a crescendo of pleasure crafting an erotic insurrection


You are a scintillating aquatic angel—you inspire with your mind

The clouds morph majestic—pregnant with the joy we find

Your limbs are intertwined with your lover’s sacred fire

You are the erotic incarnate—you are tantra’s spirit child


The synergy of your reverberations conjures a vision of liberation

We imagine hidden tunnels into the bastions of incarceration

We rise up for the abolition of this system’s toxic immiseration

Your beauty and pride are psychic armor in our vision quest for collective emancipation

The inspiration for this poem is Sam Noriega >> @samgtsfit on IG or twitter

Photos are by Luis Rafael Photography @luisrafaelofficial on IG



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