You are a juggernaut of energy—a magician of the psyche

You convey hope, power, and presence in every sinew of your body

You are nemesis of hate—nemesis of shame

Inspiring your nascent armies, your leather bound torso screams your name


Cyclones of psychic power manifest and crescendo

Cylinders of sexual plasma lubricate lust and libido

Phalanxes of vespers chant, meditate, and pray

Fortresses of vipers lock our sacred freedom in chains


I sink into dream state imagining subconscious fusion

I oscillate between satellites desperately seeking evolution

A chorus of voices comes forth demanding focus and attention

This power is supernatural sustaining your infinite resurrection


Your aura is epic, conjuring the interstellar galactic

You are a bolt of inspiration—a feat of Cylon magic

Transpiring in your mind, a new synergy is born

Eclipsing all of my doubts, your touch is soothing and warm


We must imagine the world we need even when this future feels like a dream

We must imagine the power of transcendent love to sow transformational seeds

This is an urgent light-speed mission to foresee liberation’s genesis

Our armada is armed with your psycho-kinetic power as bigotry’s ultimate nemesis

visuals are from Army of Men: @armyofmenco on IG >> model: @boundeagle1 on IG >. photo: @rafandway on IG



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