You are a radiant zephyr—a fierce seductive cypher

You entice with your mind conjuring the sex energy of the aether

The seismic fractals of your being vanquish the deceivers

The heat of your body fuels an ecstatic subterranean fever


The synergy between us writhes and thrives

It resonates deep within reimagining our lives

Our synergy is platonic electric and fly

We reclaim the dance floor possessed by desire


You caress like a gentle breeze breathing love breathing peace

You manifest potent kundalini and your supplicants take the knee

Deeply rooted sensuality inspires karmic cosmic chemistry

We are recruiting shock troop infantry to rise up for karmic destiny


There is a storm inside us—transforming inside us

Its presence rewiring us—its essence defining us

Transformed by vectors of magma resurgent among us

We evolve into chrysalis awaiting what will become of us


We rise like birds of prey possessed with inner fire

We intertwine and realign as this zeitgeist transpires

The zephyr power you manifest is the power to inspire

It is the reverberation of desire fueling a sacred carnal pyre

Images by Michael Miguel >> @miguelriverz on IG >> @akamichaelm on twitter



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