In this space

On this land

Energy flows through me

Magic transpires


I write in the dark of night

Amidst the rhythms of rain

Shamanic power conjures the elements

Pulsating with the vitality of life

Nurturing an inferno of resilience within


The omnisexual erotic unfolds

Bodies touch and explode

Sensual synergy fuels our spirits

These sacred truths are all we know


I feel so connected

Deeply respected

Love courses freely

Careening through my heart


This is powerful work

Crafting new culture

Naming ancient spiritual wisdom

Manifesting the shamanic


Spirit feels whole

Integrating divergent voices

Holding the validity of opposite truths

Accessing a tantric dialectic

Opening hearts to shamanic wisdom


I feel a voracious fire

This state can be named in different ways

What if I am not manic?

What if I am magic?

Practicing the sorcery of empathy

This sorcery of alchemy and evolution


I name the shamanic

And I fear appropriating

Claiming culture that is not mine

Claiming brutalized indigenous practice


But the word feels resonant

My visions feel true

Empowering my journey through recovery

Reminded of sacred wisdom

That the opposite of addiction is connection


We awaken our magic

Taking radical responsibility

Accountability for our emotions

Accountability for collective care


These words grasp at the unknown

Reaching for an evolving shamanic prophecy

Conjuring the power of proliferating fungi

Seeking the wisdom of trees


Seeking deeply rooted community

Roots interlocking to survive apocalypse

Seeking the power to transform

Our emergent power to set spirit free

Photos @gruenholtz; Models: @jonzu @mroebrycepls, all on IG



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